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Austin native’s charmed life leads to ‘Magic Mike’

If you’ve seen the chiseled stars of the 2012 film “Magic Mike” roll their rock-hard bodies, send their pelvises into overdrive and wipe the strip club floor with their knees, you might like to know that a hometown hero busted some of those moves first. ... Read more

Taking pop ‘To the Top’: Twin Shadow on new album ‘Eclipse,’ SXSW safety

The last time Twin Shadow was in Austin for South By Southwest, he played a pop-up show in a Dumpster. ... Read more

Face-melting Reignwolf unleashes a beast on stage

The man who cavorts on stage with a mad glint in his eye comports himself a little differently when there’s not a guitar (or pieces of a guitar) in his hand. Canadian-born (Jordan) Cook hails from Saskatoon, as his distinctly Saskatchewan accent (and politeness) will tell you. ... Read more


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